Our MIssion

Our Mission

Rifle Marketing engages, and nurtures segmented target audiences whose needs can be satisfied by the products our clients offer

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What it Means

We strive to make the best use our client's budgets by granularly segmenting audiences, so we can identify and promote the segments that perform, and isolate, or remove the segments that don't. Segmentation relies on data, so the larger the account, the easier it becomes to create actionable segments or audiences.

With Rifle Marketing there is no management fee for Branded Search Campaigns so our client's budgets are stretched farther.

Team Photo at Rifle Marketing

Core Purpose

Our Core Values:

  • Always do the right thing for every client, employee, and vendor
  • Embrace ownership and accountability; act as the company is your own
  • Being energetic will energize others
  • Ask for help and help others that are willing to help themselves
  • Win, and Win Big for everyone!