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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple, if it can be optimized, optimize it, if it can be automated, automate it, if it requires human interaction, interact. Many digital marketing agencies take the cookie cutter, set it and forget it approach. At Rifle Marketing, we continually optimize each stage of the conversion funnel.

We do not boast about KPI's like Impression Share, Click Through Rate, Share of Voice. Our main driver is Return on Ad Spend from our efforts, not the offline Branding efforts of our clients. Many agencies focus on online Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). This is the cost to generate a form submission or a phone call. We report on this as well, however, we isolate it from your offline branded efforts.

Rifle Marketing does not charge clients to manage their branded search term campaigns.

Offline advertising naturally increases online branded search term activity, which lowers the overall CPA. For example, a consumer sees a television ad, moments later they Google the business name and visit the business website. Consumers that search for a business name are much more likely to convert than consumers who search general terms or see an advertisement while surfing.

We strongly believe that attribution of Branded Terms is a result of our clients offline advertising efforts, and not our awesome ability to serve up an advertisement when a consumer is specifically looking for our client's business. We will gladly manage your Branded Term campaigns; however, we refuse to charge for that service.

Our Founder

Rifle Marketing was founded in 2017 by Dave LaLonde. Prior to founding Rifle Marking, Dave, along with his brother, started ACE Tech, Inc., a subprime auto finance lead generating service for car dealers which achieved the Inc. 5000 list 5 years in a row. In 2016 ACE Tech was acquired by Internet Brands®, whose other acquisitions include WebMD® and lawyers.com.

Dave has nearly 20 years' experience optimizing large digital campaigns and converting both online and offline consumers into sales for his clients.

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Our Leadership Team

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